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Cooling Systems

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Don't get stuck in traffic overheating.  You should flush and fill your cooling system, at least, every two years.  When antifreeze gets old it actually turns against your car and begins to corrode it.  Watch for discoloration in the antifreeze. 

Your cooling system is not just the radiator, its the water pump, heater core, thermostat, belts / hoses, and the coolant overflow.  Bring your car to us for an inspection.


We have been recoring, repairing and building radiators since 1972.   From heavy equipment radiators to domestic vehicles, even motorcycles.  Do you have an old classic or vintage car??  We can recore your radiator too. We repair copper / brass rads and also build new custom aluminum rads too.  You can bring your car to us for repairs or just the radiator.  If your not close by we can ship it.